What is NB-Fi Transceiver | WAVIoT NB-Fi Transceiver features

This app note covers NB-Fi Transceiver basics. It mentions NB-Fi Transceiver from WAVIoT with its features or specifications.

Introduction: NB-Fi stands for NarrowBand Fidelity. The technology has been developed by WAVIoTTM with its headquartered in Russia. It is an open protocol which is easy for developers to develop products based on this technology.

What is NB-Fi ?

NB-Fi architecture

As shown NB-Fi network consists of end devices, base station, cloud server and other servers used for billing and network management. The NB-Fi specifications are mentioned below.

NB-Fi specifications

What is NB-Fi Transceiver ?

The RF transceiver is a device which houses functions of both transmitter and receiver in a single device. The transmitter part transmits baseband information on RF modulated signal as per NB-Fi frequency. The receiver part does the reverse operation. Transmitter does up conversion where as receiver does down conversion. NB-Fi transceiver is a programmable modem used for long range communication for IoT LPWAN applications with ultra low power.

WAVIoT NB-Fi Transceiver

Following are the specifications or features of WAVIoTTM NB-Fi Transceiver.
• It supports frequency bands ( 430 MHz to 500 MHz and 860 MHz to 925 MHz).
• It has receiver sensitivity of -148 dBm.
• It has max. transmit output power of 15 dBm.
• It offers SPI interface for easy connectivity with external peripherals.
• It uses modulation scheme of DBPSK.
• It offers various data rates viz. 50/100/400/3200/25600 bps.

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