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What is NB-Fi Base Station | WAVIoT NB-Fi Base Station features

This app note covers NB-Fi Base Station basics. It mentions NB-Fi Base Station from WAVIoT with its features or specifications.

Introduction: NB-Fi stands for NarrowBand Fidelity. The technology has been developed by WAVIoTTM with its headquartered in Russia. It is an open protocol which is easy for developers to develop products based on this technology.

What is NB-Fi ?

NB-Fi architecture

As shown NB-Fi network consists of end devices, base station, cloud server and other servers used for billing and network management. Following are the specifications of a NB-Fi Base Station.

NB-Fi specifications

WAVIoT NB-Fi Base Station

Following are the specifications or features of WAVIoTTM NB-Fi Base Station. It houses SDR transceiver with 2.5 MHz baseband (full duplex).
• Model : WVT-BS2X0B
• Range : Upto 20 miles (urban), 50 miles (open country)
• GPU : Tegra K1/X1
• Processor : ARM Cortex A15 2.3 GHz with Ubuntu
• Phase noise: Less than -110 dBc/Hz @ 1 KHz spacing
• Number of antennas : Three sectorial dual polarized
• Power consumption : Upto 20 Watt
• Power over Ethernet
• Applications: Smart agriculture, smart metering, home automation, wireless alarm and security and so on.

Reference source : https://waviot.com/

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