Motor drive analyzer Basics and Application note

This page covers Motor drive analyzer basics.It mentions Motor drive analyzer application note and Motor drive analyzer manufacturers or Vendors.

In this application note we will touch upon Motor Drive Analyzer(MDA) from Teledyne Lecroy. It is basically a instrument which acquires single or 3-phase motor drive input, output as well as DC bus waveforms. MDA also acquires motor shaft torque and speed/angle/position waveforms. Using these acquired waveforms MDA performs variety of current, voltage and power calculations.

Motor drive analyzer calculates the mechanical power output of the motor using inputs from variety of different torque and speed related sensors. The MDA combines capabilities of both power analyzer as well as oscilloscope. Refer power analyzer equipment basics and oscilloscope measurements for more information.

Following are the features of Motor Drive Analyzer developed by Teledyne Lecroy.
• displays conversion efficiencies
• 8-channel
• 12 bit acquisition system
• Motor drive system with debug/validation in one unit
• measures real, apparent and reactive 3-phase power
• Acquisition memory of 50 Mpts/channel
• 1GHz of bandwidth supported

Different versions of MDA has different prices as mentioned below(as on sep.2015).
350 MHz model - $29,850
500 MHz model - $32,850
1 GHz model - $35,850

Motor drive analyzer Manufacturers/Vendors

Following are popular Motor drive analyzer manufacturers/vendors:
•  Tektronix
•  Teledyne LeCroy
•  Yokogawa
•  Newtons4th Ltd
•  SKF

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