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LoRaWAN Temperature Humidity Sensor Design and Development

This page mentions LoRaWAN Temperature Humidity Sensor design and development with hardware components used. It mentions list of certified LoRaWAN Temperature Humidity Sensor manufacturers or vendors.

Introduction: In this app note we will touch upon Temperature/Humidity sensor based on LoRaWAN. LoRaWAN is low power and long range wireless system which operates in various frequency bands throughout the globe. This temperature/humidity sensing device is used in food/vegetable storage places and during its transportation, manufacturing labs, server rooms or data centers, climate monitoring, smart factories and buildings and so on.

LoRaWAN Temperature Humidity Sensor Design

The figure depicts block diagram of LoRaWAN Temperature Humidity Sensor. As shown, it consists of sensor, microcontroller unit and LoRaWAN transceiver. The device is wirelessly connected with LoRaWAN network using gateway.

LoRaWAN Temperature Humidity Sensor block diagram

As shown temperature/Humidity data is sensed and uploaded to the third party cloud server. The uploaded data can be read on web app or mobile app developed specifically for this purpose.

LoRaWAN Temperature Humidity Sensor Hardware components

Following table mentions hardware components can be used in the LoRaWAN Temperature Humidity Sensor development.

Hardware components Part Numbers or Model Numbers with description
Microcontroller It is available from companies such as STMicroelectronics Microchip Technology, Renesas Electronics etc.
LoRaWAN Transceiver RN2483 from Microchip technology
Part Numbers SX1261, SX1262, SX1272, SX1276, SX1278 etc. from Semtech Corporation
RE866A1 and RE866xx from Telit communication
Temperature/Humidity Sensor Si7022-A20 from Silicon Labs is CMOS IC, HS3001 from RENESAS is high performance relative humidity and temperature sensor IC, TH06 from HOPE Microelectronics Co. Ltd.

LoRaWAN Temperature Humidity Sensor from Allora Factory.

Following are the features of LoRaWAN Temperature Humidity Sensor available from Allora Factory.
• Model: Humidi Indoor
• Low power, long range and wireless sensor
• Accuracy: 0.3 degreeC accurate temp. monitoring, 2% RH accurate humidity monitoring
• Temperature measurement : -40 degreeC upto +85 degreeC
• Humidity measurement : 0 upto 100% RH with 0.04% resolution
• Operates at EU 868 MHz frequency band
• Battery life : 10 Years
• It can be seamlessly integrated with LoRa network operator and with any third party web app/mobile app.
• Operating modes: Immediate alert and reporting mode
• Website for further information : http://www.alloralivinglab.org/

LoRaWAN Temperature Humidity Sensor Manufacturers or Vendors

Following are the certified manufacturers or vendors of LoRaWAN Temperature Humidity Sensor.

Manufacturers Description
GND Solutions Model : GLOSE-916T
Allora Factory Temp/Humidity/Both combined devices are available.
1M2M , Netherlands Model: ED1608
Axatel srl CERERE (Functions as Weather Station)
Dragino LHT65 LoRaWAN Temperature and Humidity Sensor , It supports LoRaWAN Class A protocol and Frequency Bands which include CN470, EU433, KR920 , US915 , EU868 , AS923 , AU915 etc.

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