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LoRaWAN Smoke Detector Design and Development

This page mentions LoRaWAN Smoke Detector design and development with hardware components used. It mentions list of certified LoRaWAN smoke detector manufacturers or vendors.

Introduction: As we know fire has become common in residential buildings, factories and offices due to short circuits. This necessitates use of smoke detectors in such places. Smoke detectors use electro-optical sensor which detects smoke and generates alarm or sound signal to alert people or fire department. Hence immediate help is available to people present at these places. This avoids small to big tragedies. In this app note we will touch upon wireless smoke detector based on LoRaWAN. LoRaWAN is low power and long range wireless system which operates in various frequency bands throughout the globe.

LoRaWAN Smoke Detector Design

The figure depicts block diagram of LoRaWAN smoke detector. As shown electro-optical sensor is embedded in the smoke detector IC. Microcontroller is interfaced with LoRaWAN transceiver and Alarm. Let us understand working of it.

LoRaWAN Smoke Detector block diagram

➨When there is smoke, it will be detected by the sensor and conveyed to the microcontroller using GPIO pins and embedded firmware.
➨The firmware will sound the alarm for local people present in the building where smoke detector has been installed.
➨LoRaWAN transceiver modulates baseband information as written on firmware. SMS can be sent by the smoke detector at LoRaWAN frequency and using LoRaWAN network (i.e. Gateway) to another LoRaWAN device.
➨Call can be made provided cellular ICs (such as GPRS/3G/LTE) are available on the board as LoRaWAN does not support phone calls.
➨This wireless smoke detector is very useful to save many lifes.

LoRaWAN Smoke Detector Hardware components

Following hardware components can be used in the LoRaWAN Smoke Detector development.
• Photoelectric Smoke detector ICs - RE46C190 from Microchip, MC145010 from NXP, A5303 from Allegro and ICs from TI etc.
• Microcontroller units for LoRa/LoRaWAN development are available from STMicroelectronics, Microchip Technology, Renesas Electronics and so on.
• LoRaWAN transceivers are developed by Microchip (RN2483) and Semtech Corporation with Part Numbers SX1261, SX1262, SX1272, SX1276, SX1278 etc. LoRa transceivers from Telit communication include RE866A1, RE866xx and so on.

LoRaWAN Smoke Detector from GLOBALSAT

Following are the features of LoRaWAN Smoke Detector with model LS-134 from GLOBALSAT WORLDCOM Corporation, Taiwan.
• Operating frequency: 863 to 870 MHz (EU), 902 to 928 MHz (US)
• Transmit power: 14dBm for EU band and 20 dBm for US band as mentioned above.
• LoRa module used : LM-130H1
• Operating temperature: 0 degreeC to 49 degreeC
• Transmission distance: 1 Km to 10 Km
• Current consumption : 21 mA (receiving), 125 mA (Transmitting), 5 µA (Sleeping)
• Power ON source : DC 3 V lithium battery
• Antenna type : Chip

LoRaWAN Smoke Detector Manufacturers or Vendors

Following are the certified manufacturers or vendors of LoRaWAN Smoke Detector.

LoRaWAN Smoke Detector Manufacturers Description with features
Netvox Model : RA02A
CLass A compatible, houses semtech SX1276 IC
iot-store.com.au Model: F-SDM100
Uses AU915 MHz band and SX1276 transceiver IC
Supports Class A and Class C LoRa classes
GLOBALSAT WORLDCOM Corporation, Taiwan. Model LS-134 with specifications as mentioned above.
ZENNER Order number : SM1200-160928
Winext Technology Model: AN-102 , As per its website, the product supports 433/470/490/780/868/915MHz frequency bands

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