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IR Camera Lens Basics

This page covers IR Camera Lens basics.It mentions IR Camera Lens application note and IR Camera Lens manufacturers or Vendors.

The IR camera lens works on the principle of infrared radiation. Refer what is infrared for more information.

IR Camera Lens Application Note

Fluke corporation has developed lens which are compatible with its own cameras. The lens is compliant with Fluke infrared cameras model TiX560 and TiX520.

This 25 micron macro lens will help to distinguish thermal variations to the distance of less than about the size of human hair. Hence it is suitable foe R & D in electronics PCB as well as anything which needs microscopic level of IR (Infrared) resolution.

IR Camera Lens Manufacturers/Vendors

Following are popular IR camera Lens manufacturers/vendors:
• Ophir Optronics (www.ophiropt.com)
• FLIR Instruments (https://www.flir.com/)
• Life Pixel Infrared (https://www.lifepixel.com/)
• Luminous Landscape ( https://luminous-landscape.com )
• Axis Communications
• Tamron ( https://www.tamron-usa.com/ )

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