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GPS tracking system | How it works

This page covers GPS tracking system basics. It mentions GPS vehicle tracking system and GPS personal tracking application note and manufacturers of GPS trackers.

The GPS tracker is a device which is carried either by a person or kept in a vehicle. This device uses GPS system (i.e. GPS satellite) to determine its location. This location information is stored within the device or transmitted to the data base at central location or passed to the computer/mobile connected via internet using cellular network.

Once the device is housed in a vehicle or carried by the person. The position of GPS tracker device can also be tracked using GPS tracking software.

GPS Personal and vehicle Tracking System

GPS tracking system

The figure-1 depicts the proccesses describing how GPS tracking system works.

• As shown GPS device gets the location information ( latitude, longitude and height co-ordinates), both personal tracking (1b) and vehicle tracking (1a) is shown here.

• The information obtained is passed to cellular tower (GSM, CDMA, LTE). This is shown in step-2.

• The information is transmitted in the form of SMS or IP packets to the database servers. This is shown in step-3.

• The information in the form of SMS is passed to the smartphone or mobile phone once it is powered ON. This is shown in step-4a.

• The information in the form of IP packets is displayed when laptop/computer user opens up GPS tracking software to check the same. The same is shown in step-4b.

The user(laptop/mobile) can also initiate the GPS location request to track any GPS device and in turn GPS device pass the information as outlined above in the steps 1 to 4.

Manufacturers of GPS Trackers

Following are the GPS tracker manufacturers covering GPS personal tracker and GPS vehicle tracking system.

• US Fleet Tracking (Provides live asset management and vehicle tracking)

• BrickHouse Security (supplier of various security solutions such as GPS based fleet tracking, vehicle tracking, child tracking and so on)

• FollowMee LLC. {GPS Tracker}


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