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Qualcomm Envelope Power Tracker | Envelope Tracking PA Manufacturers

This app note covers Qualcomm Envelope Power Tracker QET5100 and its features. The popular Envelope Tracking power amplifier (PA) manufacturers are also mentioned.

What is Envelope Tracking ?

Modern wireless systems use complex modulation schemes such as QAM and OFDM in which amplitude of waveform varies unlike FM and PM modulation types.

Traditional RF amplifier operates in compression region to achieve high efficiency. This is favorable when amplifier signal input amplitude is constant as in FM/PM modulated signal.

Waveform Without Envelope Tracking

In amplitude modulated systems there will be considerable difference between amplifier signal input and supply voltage. Due to this, undesired over voltage is fed to the amplifier. This results into power wastage and leads to low efficiency of Power Amplifier. Efficiency is ratio of power output to DC power input.

Envelope Tracking

Due to above fact, in envelope tracking system, power supply to the PA is varied in accordance with envelope of the time varying complex input signal. Hence in such system, high DC supply is fed during maxima points and low DC supply is fed during minima points. As a result peak efficiency can be achieved in envelope tracking system.

RF Front End with power tracker
Image Courtesy : Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

As Shown Modem consists of baseband signal generation and analysis. It consists of DAC in transmit path and ADC in receive path. Envelope power tracker takes input from DAC of MODEM and provides proportional DC voltage to PA (Power Amplifier).

There are numerous benefits of using envelope power tracker in RF front end system as shown. Some of them are increase in battery life, improvement in amplifier efficiency, meet in EVM/ACPR specifications of the wireless system and so on.
➨Refer tutorial on Envelope Tracking Basics >> for more information.

Qualcomm Envelope Power Tracker QET5100

Following are the features of Qualcomm Envelope Power Tracker (QET5100).
• It is used in Qualcomm Snapdragon modems being used in numerous LTE and 5G mobile phones.
• It offers 60 MHz envelope tracking for up to three time uplink carrier aggregation channels.
• It works in tandem with Modem to deliver power efficient connectivity in mobile devices.
• It provides cost optimized RF front end solutions.

Envelope Tracking Power Amplifier manufacturers

Following table mentions popular Envelope Power Tracker or envelope tracking power amplifier (PA) manufacturers.

Manufacturers Model, description
Qualcomm QET5100
Skyworks Solutions Inc. Envelope tracking LTE Multimode PA
TI PMP15036 ( envelope tracking power reference design for audio PAs), PMP9774
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC RESEARCH LABORATORIES (https://www.merl.com/) Envelope Tracking Power Amplifier (PA) using GaN
Qorvo, Inc. TQP9051, multimode multiband Power Amplifier which supports various wireless standards GSM/EDGE/WCDMA/LTE etc.

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