CoB LED Basics

This page covers CoB LED basics.It mentions CoB LED application note and CoB LED manufacturers or Vendors.

CoB LED Application Note

Recently Lumineds have introduced CoB(Chip On Board) LEDs. These LEDs deliver average of 10% higher efficacy as well as 10% higher flux. This is with same footprint as 1st generation LEDs at lower voltage.

The CoB LEDs are available in multiple lumen packages. LEDs with less than 1000 lumens are available for PAR and MR16 lamps. Upto 7600 lumens LEDs are available for 100W CDM replacements.


RCOB LED driver

RECOM Electronic has developed RCOB LED driver to meet the specification requirements of CoB LEDs. They have about 11 different models. The output voltages are in range from 25V DC to 44V DC. It has constant output currents in range from 350 to 1050 mA. Due to wide voltage and current range the driver is suitable for wide range of applications.

CoB LED Manufacturers/Vendors

Following are popular CoB LED Manufacturers.
• Kwality Electronic Industries
• Vollong Electronics Co.,Limited
• DigiKey
• Eastar Lighting ( )
• Shenzhen Getian Opto-Electronics Co. Ltd
• Bridgelux, Inc. ( )

Useful product vendors or manufacturers

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