Beaglebone Black live video streaming using IP web camera

This application note covers Beaglebone black introduction,features and Beaglebone black based IP web camera which can be controlled through PHP based web site remotely.


BeagleBone black board houses ARM processor on which Linux OS is running.Following are few of the features of the Beaglebone black.
•  Processor- AM3359 running with speed of 700MHz from TI
•  RAM-256MB DDR2 family
•  GPIO ports to control two servo motors
•  USB interface
•  HDMI Port to interface with monitor

Beaglebone webcam server IP based

Beaglebone black IP web server

The integrated solution as depicted in the figure consists of camera interfaced with two servo motors. Camera is controlled using PHP based website software running on client side through control of servo motors using interrupts from Beaglebone black. one servo motor is connected on X-axis of the logitech camera while another servo motor is connected on Y-axis of the camera.

The website software is developed using HTML,PHP,JavaScript and AJAX calls. The software is developed which controls the remote board and peripherals by interfacting the linux server running on the board. The camera is controlled using GUI based web interface written in PHP. All the commands required to control the camera is provided from the client side. The beauty of this solution is that without human presence one can have control over their premises and have surveillance over the area.

Hardware materials and software used

Beaglebone black board
Logitech Camera C110 or equivalent
Beaglebone cover
D-Link Wireless Router
Pan/Tilt bracket
Opto Isolator break out
5V adapter
other miscellaneous components such as screws etc.
2Nos. Servo motors
PHP/HTML/Java script/AJAX based client web software

Useful product vendors or manufacturers

RF and Wireless Terminologies