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Apple Watch Series 3 Features,Price | Apple Watch 3 Cellular

This app note covers Apple Watch Series 3 features and its price. It describes Apple Watch Series 3 cellular specifications and benefits or advantages of Apple Watch Series 3 used with cellular LTE network.

12 May, 2018: Recently Apple has announced that it will be releasing apple watch series 3 with GPS and cellular connectivities in INDIA. Moreover Airtel has announced availability of the same at the price of INR 39080. Airtel has already deployed INDIA's fastest cellular network with LTE compliant devices.

The Apple watch 3 helps customers connected with cellular network even when they do not have phone with them.

Apple Watch Series 3 Features and Price

Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular

The figure-1 depicts regular apple watch and one with LTE cellular connectivity. Following are the common features of both regular Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple watch 3 with cellular connectivity.
• Sizes: 38 mm & 42 mm
• Processor: S3 dual core
• Wireless chipset: Apple W2
• Water resistant up to 50 meters and are swim proof
• Heart rate monitoring feature
• Operating system: Watch OS
• Compatible with iPhone
• Price: INR 39080 (Apple Watch 3 Cellular)

It does not come with physical SIM card but uses iPhone SIM i.e. eSIM. The watch should be added to your airtel or reliance Jio account before start using it as per your carrier plan. The 38mm size watch costs 39,080 INR and42 mm size costs INR 41,120.

The regular watch does not support cellular connectivity where as latest apple watch series 3 cellular supports LTE network connectivity.

Benefits or advantages of Apple Watch Series 3

Following are the benefits or advantages of Apple Watch Series 3:
➨Airtel offers exclusive benefits such as sharing of postpaid number and sharing of postpaid plan with Apple Watch. This helps customers to avail unlimited calls and usage of large amount of data.
➨It helps for transition between watch and smartphone.
➨Apple watch is beautifully constructed compact smart watch.
➨It is featured packed and loaded with hundreds of apps including great fitness app.
➨It helps in sending and receiving calls via iphone.
➨It provides seamless wifi connectivity and LTE cellular connectivity.
➨Users can make calls without having iPhone. Moreover they can reply to text, emails, asks SIRI to set your calender as per schedule, hire the cab, streams music and radio etc.

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