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741 Op-Amp basics | 741 Op-Amp application notes

This page describes 741 Op-Amp (Operational Amplifier) basics and pin diagram descriptions. 741 Op-Amp is used for wide variety of applications such as Op-Amp buffer,differentiator,integrator,summing amplifier, differential amplifier,filters(LPF,HPF,BPF,all pass),ECG,strain gauge,PID controller etc.

Refer Operational amplifier basics which covers properties of Op-Amp and working of Op-Amp.

741 Op-Amp IC Fig-1:741 Op-Amp pin diagram
741 pin Number Description
1 Offset Null
2 Inverting (-)
3 Non-inverting(+)
4 Power(V-)
5 Offset Null
6 Output
7 Power(V+)
8 NC (Not Connected)

Following slides mention various applications of Op-Amp. It covers Op-Amp buffer, differentiator, integrator, summing amplifier, differential amplifier, filters(LPF,HPF) etc.

Op-Amp as Buffer

Op-Amp Buffer

Op-Amp as Differentiator

Op-Amp differentiator

Op-Amp as Integrator

Op-Amp Integrator

Op-Amp as Summing Amplifier

Op-Amp summing amplifier

Op-Amp as Differential Amplifier

Op-Amp differential amplifier

Op-Amp as LPF (Low Pass Filter)

Op-Amp LPF

Op-Amp as HPF (High Pass Filter)

Op-Amp HPF

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