5G Analyzer Basics | 5G Analyzer MS2850A Anritsu

This application note covers 5G Analyzer basics.It mentions 5G Analyzer MS2850A from Anritsu Corporation. 5G Analyzer is used to analyzer 5G compliant signal generated from UE and network equipment. It mentions other 5G Analyzer manufacturers or vendors.

About 5G Analyzer:
The analyzer used to perform test and measurement of 5G compliant devices such as UE and RAN (Radio Access Network) equipments is known as 5G analyzer.

5G analyzer also uses 5G signal generation functionalities required to test 5G UE. This is needed in order to complete initial handshake of messages (both user plane and control plane) between 5G UE and RAN equipment. Once the handshake is completed UE is kept in the transmit mode in order to have all the UE measurements as per test cases defined by 5GPP specifications.

5G Analyzer

The figure-1 depicts simple test setup used for testing 5G DUT using 5G analyzer equipment. The setup is used to perform RF and PHY (i.e. Baseband) layer related measurements.

5G analyzer from Anritsu

Following are the specifications of 5G Analyzer from Anritsu Corporation.

Specifications/features 5G Analyzer Support
Frequency range From 9KHz to 32 GHz and 44.5 GHz models are available
Bandwidth 255 MHz, 510 MHz and 1 GHz versions are available
Uplink/Downlink Measurements Both the uplink and downlink signal measurements are supported
RF Measurements Noise figure, Phase noise etc.
Baseband Measurements Signal frequency error, EVM, power, spectral flatness, phase flatness etc.

Other 5G Analyzer Manufacturers or Vendors

Following is the list of 5G Analyzer Manufacturers or Vendors.

5G Analyzer Vendors/Manufacturers Description with part number
Keysight Technologies Inc. The 5G test bed include Following equipments/software.
• M9383A PXIe Signal Generator upto 44 GHz
• N9040B UXA Signal Analyzer, upto 50 GHz
• 89600 VSA software
Rohde & Schwarz Include following equipments.
• R&S®FSW Signal Analyzer
Anritsu Model MS2850A as explained above.

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