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3D magnetic sensor Basics | 3D magnetic sensor Application Note

This page covers 3D magnetic sensor basics.It mentions 3D magnetic sensor application note and 3D magnetic sensor manufacturers or Vendors.

As we know magnetic sensor performs measurement of magnetic field. 3D magnetic sensor does the H-field measurement in three directions i.e. X, Y and Z.

It suits consumer and industrial applications viz. control elements used for white goods, joysticks, multi-function knobs, electric meters.

3D magnetic sensor Application Note

Infineon has recently released 3D magnetic sensor with extremely low power consumption. It has three major functional blocks viz. sensing part, I2C interface and power mode control system. Sensing unit consists of probes which are connected sequentially to MUX which is connected to ADC converter. Power Mode control provides distribution of power in the IC, power on reset function and low power oscillator as clock reference.

Following are the silent features of 3D magnetic sensor:
• 10µA consumption during normal operation
• 12 bit resolution
• Digital output using I2C interface
• Variable frequency and power mode settings, can be configured during operation
• Linear field measurements (upto +/- 150 mT)

3D magnetic sensor Manufacturers/Vendors

Following are popular magnetic sensor Manufacturers/vendors:
• Micro Magnetics
• Infineon
• Fraunhofer IIS
• Melexis Semiconductors
• Sensixs Design

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