5G NR MCS Table | 5G NR TBS Table

This page mentions 5G NR MCS Table and 5G NR TBS Table as defined in 3GPP TS 38.214. MCS stands for Modulation and Coding Scheme and TBS stands for Transport Block Size.

5G NR (New radio) is latest cellular wireless technology which follows 3GPP specifications similar to LTE. The entire protocol stack for UE and gNB (i.e. Base Station) is specified in 38 series of documents. MCS, TBS are used in physical layer of 5G NR system.

5G NR MCS Table-1

5G NR MCS Table1

5G NR MCS Table-2

5G NR MCS Table2

5G NR MCS Table-3

5G NR MCS Table3

5G NR TBS Table

5G NR TBS Table

Also refer 5G NR TBS Calculation >> procedure.


• 3GPP TS 38.214, V15.2.0 (June, 2018), NR; Physical layer procedures for data

5G NR Numerology | 5G NR Terminology

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