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RF Wireless World is the hub of RF and Wireless vendors/suppliers and resources. It is fast growing web site with emphasis on SEO.This helps your product reach to largest RF and Wireless community across the world and increase your revenue/turnover.

This page promotes and provides details about RF Wireless World Website. Advertisers can display ads using Google Adwords on RF Wireless World.One can provide Feedback, participate in backlink exchange program and submit articles or tutorials on RF Wireless World as mentioned below.

Feedback to RF Wireless World

If you find any errors anywhere on our web site kindly write to us and also suggest us what articles we can highlight on our web site so that it will be helpful to RF and Wireless Community. I thank to those who take utmost interest to provide us their valuable feedback imparting valuable time. I thank all those who visit this site and utilize our resources for their knowledge and for their work.
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Backlink Exchange

We always look forward for mutual understanding with website owners. By this we would like website owner to mention details of this website somewhere on their website page/pages. In exchange we will mention their detail on our website page http://www.rfwireless-world.com/General/. Write to us at the below mentioned address.
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Submission of articles,tutorials and application notes

RFWireless World constantly seek technical materials for the site. In this initiative we look forward any individual/company willing to publish their technical content/knowledge on this site. The technical topic should be related to RF and wireless domain. This should be in the form of articles,tutorials and application notes. It should have about 1000-1500 words with original content. It should include original images.RFwireless-world reserves right to either publish or reject the request made. Pls. note - we will not be able to incorporate any link to external web sites, but will include company and author details. This will be beneficial to the writer/company.
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Advertise on RFWireless World using Google Adwords

Ad positions on RF Wireless World web site using google adwords

Any one can advertise on our website using google adword programme. Pls. check our website popularity as mentioned in the table below. The data is captured from google analytics report. This will help boost your business and increase revenue. RF Wireless World site has more than 2200 pages indexed by google. The pages are 2 column layout. As the site is approved under google adsense advertisers can place their ads on RF Wireless world site pages.

There are three types of ads displayed on RF Wireless World Pages:
1. Responsive ad Unit #1 (Horizontal) : As it is responsive, it takes form of leaderboard according to device type (tablet, mobile, desktop). It is placed on ATF(Above the Fold) position.
2. Responsive ad Unit #2 (Rectangle) : It is placed in the middle of the content. It takes shape according to device type.
3. Sky Scrapper ad Unit #3 : It will take up size of 160 x600 size wide sky scrapper. It is always placed on the right sidebar of the web pages.

The responsive ad type can adjust to any device type such as tablet, mobile, laptop or desktop. All these ad positions on RF Wireless world site is mentioned in the figure. RF Wireless World site pages follows these unique positions except on few of the pages. There are three link units placed almost on all the web site pages. These help advertisers get more traffic and increase the revenue multifold.
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Search Engine Optimization

As a freelancer RFWireless World undertake SEO of websites. It mainly include RF,Wireless,Telecom websites as well as other websites. We do also promote your website on our web pages at nominal rates. Reach us for search engine optimization of your website by our SEO experts. Charges are based on amount of work involved based on number of Man-hours.
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Position of Technical Content Writer with us as freelancer

Qualification: BE/ME/MSc in Electronics and Communication
Experience: 0 to 1 Year
Job Description:
• Able to re-write and write original contents like blogs, articles, press releases, edit articles, engaging online content
• Help to create and support marketing content to socialize and use for social media purposes (e.g. blog posts, posts form analysts and customers).
• The person will be responsible for product descriptions, product comparisons, reviewing a product, news reports and articles.
• Able to create content for marketing collaterals, landing page, web pages and social media management.
• Good knowledge of RF and Wireless domain, IEEE/3GPP standards and technologies
• Flexibility to work from Home.


Check the statistics below which clearly shows the popularity and emerging growth of RF Wireless World. Google Analytics report will be provided on request.

Google Analytics Report
(Period:Sep 11, 2017 to Oct 10, 2017)
Page Views Pages/session sessions by Country Organic Traffic
(By Google search)
513,365 1.49 INDIA-149490 (43.47%)
USA- 48068 (14%)
UK-10223 (3%)
Canada-6384 (1.86%)
Germany-4664 (1.36%)
Australia-4552 (1.32%)

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