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RF Wireless world contains list of vendors across the globe and resources in the field of RF and wireless.Resources include articles,tutorials,terminologies,application notes,news,books,jobs and more.It covers vsat,satellite,microwave,wimax,wlan,zigbee,LTE,GSM,CDMA,WCDMA,UMTS,TD-SCDMA,bluetooth,Lightwave RF,z-wave and more wireless technologies based on IEEE/3GPP standards.It also has academic section which covers colleges and universities in engineering and MBA field of study across the globe.

Featured Articles

Design of RF Frequency Up converter: This paper demonstrates step by step approach to designing the frequency converter of wireless RF tranceiver.Demonstrates example of 70MHz IF to 6 GHz RF Frequency conversion.

RF Transceiver design and development: This article describes C band RF Transceiver design and development with example.

Satellite Modem: This article describes L band Satellite modem with block diagram.

VSAT system overview: This article describes basics of satellite communication, VSAT subsystems and VSAT installation procedure.

IEEE 802.11a OFDM Physical layer: Describes WLAN frame structure, symbol structure and Physical layer as defined in IEEE 802.11a-1999 standard.

WiMAX Physical layer analysis: This paper covers wimax frame and symbol structure and describes Physical layer modules and functions of each in brief as per fixed wimax standard IEEE 802.16d OFDM physical layer specifications.

Basics of LTE system: This article describes LTE system frame structure, physical layers,protocol stack ,terminology for eNodeB amd UE as per 3GPP standard.

OFDMA Physical layer:This article describes on OFDMA basics, OFDMA frame structure and OFDMA Physical layer as described in mobile wimax standard IEEE 802.16e.

IEEE 802.11 standards:Covers brief on WLAN standards 11a,11b,11g,11n,11ac.

Featured Tutorials

Zigbee Tutorial: This tutorial describes everything about zigbee. It covers zigbee network,its components,steps of forming and joining the zigbee network,protocol layers and their functionalities, two physical layer modes as described in IEEE 802.15 WPAN standard.

GSM Tutorial: This GSM tutorial covers GSM basics,network architecture,network elements,GSM system specifications,GSM burst types,GSM frame structure or frame hierarchy,GSM physical channels and logical channels,GSM physical layer or speech processing and GSM mobile call set up or network entry procedure.

Multicarrier CDMA Tutorial: This tutorial describes about CDMA,OFDM,MC-CDMA,DS-CDMA, their merits and demerits.

satellite Tutorial:This satellite tutorial covers satellite function,frequency bands,network,parts,orbits,services,types,capacity allocation,network configurations,applications etc.

Antenna Tutorial:This antenna tutorial covers basic functions of antenna, field regions around antenna,antenna types and terms related to antenna.

CDMA Tutorial:This CDMA tutorial covers CDMA basics,PN sequence codes,Walsh codes,CDMA Physical layer for Mobile and Base Station.


Wireless routers- Wifi routers,LTE routers,Zigbee routers.

RF components and Modules- RF Circulators, RF Isolators, RF Mixers,RFID Tags, RF Power Amplifiers, RF adapters, RF modulator,RF Transceiver,crystal oscillator,radio frequency synthesizer,rf filter.

Wireless System and sub systems- WiMAX Base Station, WiMAX Subscriber Station,LTE equipments,WLAN devices,VSAT systems.

Software protocol stack developers- PHY IP core,MAC IP core

Test and Measurement- RF Vector Signal generator and analyzer, wireless channel emulator.

Latest News

Pasternack introduces 60 GHz transmitter and receiver waveguide modules.
Rohde Schwarz SMW200A VSG generates signals to test envelope tracking performance of Amplifiers.
Samsung releases galaxy Note-3 smartphone and Gear SmartWatch.
Snapdragon processor series from Qualcomm designed for smartphone manufacturers.

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