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Radar Range Resolution Calculator

This tutorial section on radar basics covers following sub topics:
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This page of converters and calculators section covers Radar Range Resolution calculator.

Transmitted pulse width in micro-second (input1) :

Radar range resolution in meter (Output1):

*Note: Enter values in INPUT boxes and Press CALCULATE button to check OUTPUTS.

INPUT, Pulse width = 5 µs
Range resolution = 750 m

Radar range resolution Equation

Another important parameter in the radar system is the radar range resolution. It depends on the pulse width as described in the equation. It is the smallest distance between the two different targets, so that radar can differentiate between them. At the distance less than the minimum distance, radar will not be able to differentiate between two nearby targets. They will appear as one to the radar on the ground.

The range resolution can be improved by a process known as pulse compression. FM chirp is the most common form of compression used in radar. In this compression type, radar carrier frequency is swept over fixed range using ramp function. Following equation or formula is used for Radar Range Resolution calculator.

radar range resolution equation

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