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SNR to Resolution converter

This page of converters and calculators section covers SNR to resolution in N bits converter and resolution to SNR converter.

SNR (Input)   :

Resolution (output) :

*Note: Enter values in INPUT boxes and Press CALCULATE button to check OUTPUTS.

INPUT: SNR (dB) = 37.9

SNR to Resolution converter

Resolution in bits (Input)   :

SNR in dB (output) :

Signal to Noise Ratio-SNR

It is the ratio of rms signal frequency input with rms noise signal of the ADC converter from DC to nyquist. This excludes noise at DC and harmonics.

SNR = 20*log10 (SIGNALrms/NOISErms)


The resolution is expressed as number of discrete levels required to represent the digitized version of the analog signal provided as input to ADC converter. More is the resolution better is the reconstruction of the signal.

SNR vs Resolution converter

Following equation or formula is used for SNR to resolution and viceversa converter.

SNR vs Resolution converter

Useful converters and calculators

Following is the list of useful converters and calculators.

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