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Satellite parts manufacturers

This page covers satellite parts manufacturers/vendors.

It covers following pages very useful for people involved in satellite related research/study.
Satellite tutorial
what is a satellite
Satellite frequency bands of operation
Parts of a satellite
Satellite Orbits
Satellite Services
Satellite types
Satellite Capacity Allocation
Satellite Network Configuration
Satellite Applications
Satellite Terminology
Satellite Applications
Satellite Launch Service Providers
Satellite Parts Manufacturers

Boeing ,USA

Astrium Satellites,Europe/France/Germany/Spain/UK

Space Systems,USA

Thales Alenia Space,Europe

JSC Information Satellite Systems,Russia


Astronautic Technology Sdn Bhd,Malaysia

British Aerospace, UK

Astronautic Technology Sdn Bhd,Malaysia

ISRO, India


Iranian Space Agency,Iran

Useful Links on VSAT

VSAT Providers
LNB Vendors
LNA Manufacturers
VSAT System Overview

Useful product vendors or manufacturers

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