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Types of Laser | Laser Types

This page mentions types of laser. It include solid state laser, gas laser, excimer laser, dye laser and other types of laser.

There are many types of lasers available as per various applications of use. The types depend on medium used. Based on these following are the laser types.

Solid state laser: It emits infrared light at wavelength of 1.064 micro-meters.

Gas laser: It has primary output of visible red light. CO2 or gas laser emits energy in far-infrared region at wavelength of 10.6 micro-meters. It is used to cut hard materials.

Excimer laser: It produces light in ultra-violet range.

Dye laser: This type of laser is tunable over broad rrange of wavelengths.

Semiconductor laser: It is very small in size. It uses low power. It is used as writing source in devices such as laser printers, CD players, DVD players etc.

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