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RS232 vs RS485-Difference between RS232 and RS485

This page describes on RS232 vs RS485 describes difference between RS232 and RS485 interface types and provide links to RS422, SPI, CAN, DigRF interface types.

Specifications RS232 RS485
Max.Distance Supported About 50 feet About 4000 feet
Max Data rate supported About 20 Kbps 100 kbps to 10 Mbps
Application 1 Driver with 1 Receiver (One to one) 1 Driver and multiple receiver(about 32),multi-drop configuration
Voltage for logic 1 and logic 0 Logic 0 is between +5 to +15 VDC, Logic 1 is between -5 to -15 VDC Loaded +/-1.5VDC, Unloaded +/-6VDC
Interface mode of operation Single ended Differential or balanced
driver load impedance in Ohms 3K-7K Ohms 54 Ohms

Useful Interface types

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