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I2C vs I2S-Difference between I2C and I2S

This page on I2C vs I2S describes basic difference between I2C and I2S.


• I2C stands for "inter-IC bus". It is also used as I2C for simplicity.
• I2C is a low speed and two wire serial data connection bus used in IC(Integrated Circuit).
• It is used to run signals between ICs mounted on the same PCB (Printed Circuit Board).


• I2S stands for Inter-IC Sound. It is also used as I2S for simplicity.
• I2S is used to connect digital audio devices. It is also an electrical bus interface standard.
• The I2S bus when used separates data and clock signals. Hence it results in very low jitter connection. I2S bus consists of following three lines:
• a word-select line
• a clock line
• a multiplexed-data line

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