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Ethernet hub

This tutorial covers everything one like to know about networking basics including circuit switching vs packet switching, TCP/IP protocol fields, ARP/RARP protocol fields, what is IP address ,what is MAC address, networking devices which include hub, switch, bridge, router, gateway and firewall.

• Circuit Switching vs Packet switching
• LAN vs WAN vs MAN
• What is an IP address
• What is MAC Address
• Basics of OSI and TCP-IP Layers
• What is Hub
• What is Switch
• What is Bridge
• What is Router
• What is Gateway
• Firewall basics
• TCP-IP Packet format
• ARP Protocol format

This page describes Ethernet Hub and types of Ethernet hub.

A hub is a device which connects multiple ethernet devices based on twisted pair or fiber optic technology,hence hub makes these devices represent as a single network segment in a broad sense or in a internet. Hubs works at layer 1 i.e. physical layer of OSI protocol stack. It is basically form of multiport repeater.

In Hub based Ethernet network only one device can transmit at a time. Here each host is responsible for collision detection/retransmission of packet.

Types of Hub

There are three basic types of hubs.
Passive Hub: This type of does not amplify or boost the signal. It does not manipulate or view the traffic that crosses it. Passive hub does not require electrical power to work.
Active Hub: It amplifies the incoming signal before passing it to the other ports. It requires AC power to do the task.
Intelligent Hub: They are also called as smart hubs. Function as active hub and also include diagnostic capabilities. Intelligent hubs include microprocessor chip and are very useful in troubleshooting conditions of the network.

Hub is also called as concentrator because hubs serve as a central connection point for an Ethernet Local Area Network.

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