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GNSS Frequency Band | GPS Frequency Band-GPS L1,GPS L2

The page covers GNSS and GPS frequency bands GPS L1,GPS L2,L5 used in US and pacific. It also covers GLONASS,Galileo,Compass CPII/Beidou,IRNSS frequency bands used in Europe and Asian region. These frequencies are used for space and naval applications.

GNSS Frequency Band and GPS Frequency Band-GPS L1 L2,QZSS-L1,L5,L2C,E6/LEX

System/Band Frequency,Wavelength,Bandwith
GPS L1 1575.42MHz, 0.190m, 15.345 MHz
GPS L2 1227.6MHz, 0.244m, 11 MHz
GPS L5 1176.45MHz, 0.255m, 12.5MHz
QZSS L5 1176.45MHz, 0.255m, 24MHz
QZSS L2C 1227.6MHz, 0.244m, 11MHz
QZSS E6/LEX 1278.75MHz, 0.235m, 20MHz
QZSS L1 1575.42MHz,0.190m, 12MHz

GNSS Frequency Band used in Europe, Asia-GLONASS, GALILEO, COMPASS CPII/Beidou, IRNSS

Following are the GNSS frequency bands used for GLONASS, GALILEO, COMPASS CPII/Beidou, IRNSS etc.

System/Band Frequency,Wavelength,Bandwith
GLONASS I-L1 1602 MHz, 0.187m, 6.5MHz
GLONASS I-L2 1246MHz, 0.241m, 5MHz
GLONASS II-L1 1575.42MHz, 0.1904m, 6.5MHz
GLONASS II-L1 1600.995MHz, 0.1874m,15.365MHz
GLONASS II-L2 1248.06MHz,0.2404m,8.75MHz
GLONASS II-L3 1202.025MHz, 0.2496m,20.46MHz
GLONASS II-L5 1176.45MHz,0.255m,10.22MHz
GALILEO-E1 1575.42MHz,0.1904m, 12MHz
GALILEO-E5b 1207.14MHz, 0.248m, 12.5MHz
GALILEO-E5a 1176.45MHz, 0.255m, 12.5MHz
GALILEO-E6 1278.75MHz, 0.2346m, 20MHz
COMPASS CPII/Beidou-E2 1561.098MHz,0.1921m,16MHz
COMPASS CPII/Beidou-E5 1207.14MHz, 0.248m, 16MHz
COMPASS CPII/Beidou-E6 1268.52MHz, 0.2364m, 16MHz
COMPASS CPII/Beidou-B1 1561.098MHz, 0.1921m, 4.092MHz
COMPASS CPII/Beidou-B1-2 1589.74MHz, 0.1887m, 4.092MHz
COMPASS CPII/Beidou-B2 1207.14MHz, 0.248m, 24MHz
COMPASS CPII/Beidou-B3 1268.52MHz, 0.2365m, 24MHz
COMPASS CPII/Beidou,B1-BOC 1575.42MHz, 0.1904m, 16.368MHz
COMPASS CPII/Beidou,B2-BOC 1207.14MHz, 0.248m, 5.115MHz
COMPASS CPII/Beidou,B3-BOC 1268.52MHz, 0.2365m, 35.805MHz
COMPASS CPII/Beidou,L5 1176.45MHz, 0.255m, 24MHz
IRNSS-1,L5 1176.45MHz, 0.255m, 24MHz
IRNSS-1,S-Band 2492.028MHz, 0.1204m, 16.5MHz

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