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5G Security Basics | 5G Security Termination Points

This page describes 5G Security Basics. It mentions 5G security key derivation algorithm and 5G Security Termination Points.

The Wireless security is very critical due to its open air interface since its evolution. Due to this various wireless technologies such as GSM, 3G, LTE, 5G uses various security algorithms to provide robust wireless connection to the users. This page explains 5G security key derivation algorithm and key termination points in the 5G wireless architecture.

5G Security Key Derivation

5G security key derivation

The figure-1 depicts 5G security key derivation algorithm. Following table-1 mentions meanings of symbols used in the algorithm.

Symbols Meanings
K5G-NB • This key is derived by UE and MSM from KASME.
• It may also be derived by target 5GNB from NH at handover.
• It can be used for derivation of KRRCint, KRRCenc and KUPenc. • It can be used for derivation of K5G-NB* during handover.
K5G-NB* • It is derived by UE and 5G-NB from K5G-NB.
• It is used by UE and NB as new K5G-NB for the RRC as well as UP Traffic.
KUPenc This key is used only for protection of UP traffic with specific encryption algorithm.
KRRCint and KRRCenc These keys are used for protection of RRC traffic with specific security algorithms.
NH It is short form of Next Hop and is used by UE/5G-NB.
NCC It is short form of Next Hop Chaining Count.

5G Security Key Termination Points

Following are the 5G security termination points as described in V5G.300 document.
• U-Plane Data: It is terminated in 5G Node-B (NB). Integrity protection is not required at this point.
• RRC Signaling (AS) : It is terminated in 5G Node-B (NB).

NOTE: This document provides very basic information as per TS V5G.300 v.1.0 published on 29-06-2016. For latest updates on 5G Security, refer 3GPP and 5GTF published documents.

• 3GPP TS 36.300
• 3GPP TS 33.401
• TS V5G.300

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