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IEEE 802 standards

This article describes IEEE 802 family of standards developed for Local area network(LAN),metropolitan area network(MAN) and Wide Area Network(WAN).It covers both PHY and MAC layer specifications required for modem and system designers.

IEEE 802 Standards Summary
IEEE STD 802.2®Describes Part 2 of Logical Link Control for Local and metropolitan area networks.

IEEE STD 802.3®Describes CSMA/CD Part 3 and PHY layer.
IEEE STD 802.4®Describes Token Bus.
IEEE STD 802.5®Token ring MAC layer is described in this standard.
IEEE STD 802.6® It is developed by ANSI for Metropolitan Area Network (MAN).
IEEE STD 802.10®It is standard for security functions to be used in LAN and MAN. It describes security association, key management, data confidentiality & access control.
IEEE STD 802.11® Describes PHY and MAC layers of various WLAN standards. All WLAN standards 802.11a, 802.11b,802.11g and 802.11n, 802.11ac,802.11ad falls under this category.
IEEE STD 802.12® Describes specifications for 100Mbps network. Twisted pair of cables are used for this.
IEEE STD 802.15® Standard defines both PHY and MAC layers. Zigbee, Bluetooth falls under this category.
IEEE STD 802.16®Part 16 of this standard is for air interface of broadband wireless access. Describes both PHY and MAC layers. OFDM phy/mac is referred as fixed wimax and OFDMA phy/mac is referred as mobile wimax. Fixed WiMAX-PHY, MAC, Mobile WiMAX-PHY,MAC falls under this category.
IEEE STD 802.17®Defines MAC layer for bridge used in Local and Metropolitan Area Network.
IEEE STD 802.20®Part 20 of the specifications defines PHY and MAC layer used for vehicular mobile speed broadband connection.
IEEE STD 802.21 Part 21 defines Media Independent Handover Services for local and metropolitan area network.
IEEE STD 802.22®Part 22 defines Cognitive Wireless RAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY)

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