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What is 5G NR Split Bearer | Functions of 5G NR LTE Split Bearer

This page describes 5G NR Split Bearer basics. It mentions functions of split bearer in 5G NR and LTE systems in DC (Dual Connectivity) mode.

Before we understand split bearer let us understand some of the terms related to DC.
• DC: It is Dual Connectivity, which is a technology which achieves wider bandwidths by connecting two base stations in a master/secondary relationship and performing transmission and reception using multiple component carriers (CCs) supported by those base stations. Base station is known as eNB in LTE where as it is known as gNB in 5G NR (New Radio).
• Carrier: A radio signal which is modulated to transmit information.
• Split bearer: In DC, a bearer which is transmitted and received via both the master and secondary base stations.
• MN: In DC, the base station which establishes an RRC connection with the UE. In LTE-NR DC, this could be the LTE base station (eNB) or NR base station (gNB).
• MCG: Master Cell Group
• SCG: Secondary Cell Group
• CN: Core Network
• UE: User Equipment
• MN: Master Node
• SN: Secondary Node
• C-Plane: Control plane which carry signaling information.
• U-Plane: User Plane which carry data or user information.

Split bearer types in LTE NR DC

LTE NR DC Split bearers

• LTE DC (R.12) specifies MCG split bearer to achieve high throughput. Here MN is the split point where downlink data from CN to UE is transferred by MN carrier or it is transmitted initially to SN node through X2 interface. Later it is transmitted by SN carrier.
• In SCG split bearer, user data splitting point is configured at SN.


• 3GPP standards for 5G NR (New radio) 38 series

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