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5G NR FFT Size, Sampling time, Subcarriers, symbol length, subcarrier spacing

This page mentions 5G NR FFT Size, Sampling time, Effective Subcarriers, symbol length, subcarrier spacing etc. as defined in 3GPP 5G NR (New Radio) standard.

5G NR (New radio) is latest cellular wireless technology which follows 3GPP specifications similar to LTE and defined in 38 series of documents. The various physical layer parameters are mentioned in the following table-1.

Parameters Description/value
FFT Size 4096
Effective Subcarriers 3300 for maximum bandwidth of 400 MHz
Sampling time 5G NR Physical layer Sampling time

It is 0.509 ns for subcarrier spacing of 480 KHz.
subcarrier spacing Supports different subcarrier spacings such as 15 KHz, 30 KHz, 60 KHz, 120 KHz, 240 KHz and 480 KHz.
Symbol length The symbol lengths vary as per subcarrier spacings. It is 66.7 µs (for 15 KHz), 33.3 (for 30 KHz), 16.7 (for 60 KHz), 8.33 (for 120 KHz), 4.17 (for 240 KHz) and so on.

Other 5G NR physical layer parameters are mentioned in the table-2.

Subcarrier spacing (KHz) 15 30 60 120 240
Symbol duration (µs) 66.7 33.3 16.7 8.33 4.17
CP duration (µS) 4.7 2.3 1.2 (Normal CP), 4.13 (Extended CP) 0.59 0.29
Max. nominal system BW (MHz) 50 100 100 (sub-6 GHz), 200 (mmwave) 400 400
FFT size (max.) 4096 4096 4096 4096 4096
Symbols per slot 14 14 14 (normal CP), 12 (extended CP) 14 14
Slots per subframe 1 2 4 8 16
Slots per frame 10 20 40 80 160

Table-2: Subcarrier spacing, Number of OFDM symbols and slots


• 3GPP TS 38.214, V15.2.0 (June, 2018), NR; Physical layer procedures for data

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