First LTE Advanced service launched | Samsung LTE phone Galaxy S5

SK Telecom has recently launched world's first LTE Advanced commercial service in Seoul, South Korea and other cities. The service will offer data rate of up to 225 Mbps using carrier aggregation feature. This speed is three times more than existing LTE network speed and almost fifteen times than 3G network.

SK Telecom, the largest mobile operator in South Korea has announced that service will be available without any extra charge to the customers.

LTE advanced follows specifications as per 3GPP release 10 and supports carrier aggregation which was not supported in LTE products released previously.

Carrier aggregation is the feature in which two symmetric or asymmetric bandwidths of LTE network are allocated to the UE for achieving the higher speed. In the current LTE advanced system 20MHz bandwidth of 1.8GHz frequency band and 10MHz bandwidth of 800MHz frequency band is combined. ST Telecom has plans to combine two 20MHz bands from July to provide further increase in speed.

SK Telecom is also introducing Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE phone to support the availability of LTE Advanced network at higher speed.

Head of SK Telecom Mr. Lee Jong-bong said that this LTE service "will pave the way for Korea to open up an era of 5G in the future ".

The other two mobile service operators in southe Korea are KT and LG Uplus. LG Uplus also has LTE Advanced support with three frequency bands supported in carrier aggregation.

LTE frequency bands used in LTE network are based on two different topologies i.e. TDD and FDD. For details refer our page on LTE bands.

Samsung LTE Phone

Samsung has recently launched Samsung LTE phone version of galaxy S5 series with LTE-A capabilities with display of about 2560 X 1440 Size. As mentioned this phone supports carrier aggregation and delivers speed of 225 Mbps on LTE Advanced network. Following are silent features of this LTE phone.

•   QHD Super AMOLED display
•   2.5 GHz frequency band
•   Quad core Snapdragon processor model 805 from Qualcomm
•   RAM size of 3GB
•   rear camera-16MegaPixel, front camera-2MegaPixel
•   Supports "Kit Kat" Android 4.4
•   Battery capacity of 2800 mAh
•   LTE network supported is LTE-A
•   White, black, copper gold, pink,red and blue

This Samsung LTE phone supports Geo News, reminder, measurement of heart rate, finger print scanner and deep sleep. It is waterproof as well as dust proof.

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