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June 20,2014: World's first LTE Advanced service launched in seoul, South Korea by SK Telecom operator. The operator also has launched Samsung LTE phone supporting LTE-A feature, READ MORE.

Feb 02,2014: Multimode modem has become very popular in todays world due to high demand from customers requiring support for multiple RATs and multibands to meet global roaming requirement. To know more on the Multimode modem from leading manufacturers such as Ericsson,Qualcomm,Intel and MediaTek refer following links.

Intel Multimode Modem XMM 7160
Ericsson Multimode Modem M7400 and M7450
Qualcomm Gobi 9x35 Multimode Modem
MediaTek Multimode Modem MT6290

July 24,2013
ZigBee® Alliance introduces Zigbee Home Automation Standard version 1.2 ready for zigbee based product development. This adds additional features to door-locks. It extends support for smart appliances as well as electrical measurement devices.

As per IMS Research about 4.7 million consumers will be using wireless medical devices with Bluetooth Smart technology by 2016.

D-Link Selected Broadcom corporations™ StrataGX Processor and 5G wifi system on chip for 802.11ac compliant WLAN AP(Access Point)

AT&T's LTE Network covering about 240 million customers surpassed 400 LTE equipped Markets.

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