Digital MUX calculator | Data Rate,Channel Switching rate

This page covers Digital MUX calculator. The calculator calculates output data Rate and channel switching rate. The formula are also mentioned.

Number of sources (input1) :

Source data rate in bytes/sec (input2) :

Number of parallel transmitted bits (input3) :

MUX data rate, bps (Output1):

MUX channel switching rate in channels/sec (Output2):

INPUTS : sources= 8, source data rate (bytes/sec) = 1000 , parallel bits of transmission = 8
OUTPUTS: MUX data rate (bps) = 64000 , MUX channel switching rate= 8000

Digital MUX output data Rate, Channel Switching rate formula/equation

Following are the equations/formula used for the digital MUX.

digital MUX formula

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