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This page covers list of wireless calculators on satellite, radar, gsm, umts, lte and more technologies. The formula or equations used in these wireless calculators are also mentioned. One example of wireless calculators has also been mentioned.

Wireless calculator for Satellite Slant Range

This wireless calculator takes distance between GND Station & satellite, distance between geocenter & GND Station and Elevation Angle in degrees as input parameters. It provides Satellite Slant Range as output after calculation.

Distance from GND Station & satellite (Altitude), Km :

Distance from geocenter & GND Station, Km :

Elevation Angle in degree :

Satellite Slant Range in Km (Output1):

The figure-1 depicts slant range and other parameters used in this satellite slant range calculator.

slant range

Following equation or formula is used for Satellite Slant Range Calculator.

slant range calculator equation

Slant Range Calculator EXAMPLE:
Altitude), h (Km) = 35786 Km
B (Km) = 6378 Km
ε = 90
Satellite Slant Range, D ( in Km ) = 35786

List of Wireless Calculators

Following section mentions list of Wireless calculators with descriptions and link to the respective Wireless calculators. All the calculators have been developed as per example mentioned above.

5G NR System Calculators

Following are the 5G NR system related calculators as per 3GPP NR standards.
5G NR ARFCN to frequency conversion>> | 5G NR calculator>> | 5G NR Maximum throughput>> | 5G NR PCI calculator>> | 5G NR TBS calculation>>

Wireless Calculator #1 :

GSM ARFCN to Frequency Conversion : This calculator performs conversion from GSM ARFCN to frequencies used in GSM downlink chain and GSM uplink chain.
Visit GSM ARFCN Vs Frequency>>

Wireless Calculator #2 :

UMTS UARFCN to Frequency Conversion: This calculator performs conversion from UMTS UARFCN to frequencies used in UMTS downlink and uplink chains. It takes UMTS Downlink UARFCN as input and gives UMTS Downlink Frequency, UMTS Uplink Frequency and UMTS Uplink UARFCN as outputs.
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Wireless Calculator #3 :

LTE EARFCN to Frequency Conversion : This calculator performs conversion from LTE EARFCN to frequencies used in LTE downlink and LTE uplink chains.
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Wireless Calculator #4 :

Radar Range Calculator : The calculator calculates radar range using two methods. The formula/equations used are also mentioned.
Visit Radar Range calculator >>

Wireless Calculator #5 :

Parabolic Antenna Calculator : This wireless calculator takes antenna diameter and operating frequency as inputs. It provides Antenna Gain, HPBW and effective aperture as outputs.
Visit Parabolic Dish Antenna Calculator >>

Wireless Calculator #6 :

Horn Antenna Calculator : This horn antenna calculator takes operating frequency of horn, flared flange narrow and broad dimensions as inputs. It provides gain, vertical beamwidth and horizontal beamwidth as outputs.
Visit Horn Antenna Calculator>>

Wireless Calculator #7 :

Near Field Range Calculator : This is used to calculate reactive and radiative near field distances of the antenna. It takes antenna largest dimension and operating frequency as input parameters.
Visit Antenna Near Field Range calculator >>

Wireless Calculator #8 :

Antenna Gain Calculator : This is parabolic antenna gain calculator. It takes Antenna efficiency, diameter and operating frequency as input parameters and calculates antenna gain in dBi as output. The equation of antenna gain is also mentioned.
Visit Antenna Gain calculator >>

Wireless Calculator #9 :

Resonant Frequency Calculator : This calculator performs calculation of resonant frequency based on values of discrete components viz. inductor and capacitor used in resonant circuit. It provides links for series and parallel resonance circuits.
Visit Resonant Frequency calculator >>

Wireless Calculator #10 :

Radio Horizon Calculator : This calculator takes antenna height above surface of the earth as input. It provides radio horizon in miles as output.
Visit Radio Horizon calculator >>

Wireless Calculator #11 :

Geosynchronous Satellite Calculator : This calculator takes radius of orbit as input and calculates velocity, period of orbit, angular velocity and acceleration as outputs.
Visit Geosynchronous satellite calculator>>

Wireless Calculator #12 :

Channel Capacity Calculator : This calculator takes system BW and SNR as input parameters. It calculates channel capacity as output in Mbps.
Visit Channel Capacity Calculator >>

Wireless Calculator #13 :

Radar Blind Speed Calculator : This calculator takes operating frequency and PRT (Pulse Repetition Time) as inputs and provides aircraft blind speed as output.
Visit Radar Blind Speed Calculator

Wireless Calculator #14 :

Lora Wireless system calculators :
• LoRa Data Rate Calculator takes spreading factor, code rate and bandwidth as inputs and delivers data rate as output.
• LoRa Link budget calculator takes receiver sensitivity and transmit power as inputs and delivers received power as output.
• LoRa sensitivity calculator takes spreading factor, bandwidth and noise figure as inputs and provides lora sensitivity as output.
Visit LoRa Data Rate Calculator >>,    LoRa Link Budget Calculator >> and LoRa Sensitivity Calculator >>

Wireless Calculator #15 :

NFC Antenna Calculators:
These wireless calculators are used for circular and rectangular antenna used in NFC based wireless products.
• NFC circular antenna calculates inductance of NFC circular shape antenna based on physical dimensions provided as inputs.
• NFC rectangular antenna calculates inductance of NFC rectangular shape antenna.
Visit NFC Rectangular Antenna Calculator >> and NFC Circular Antenna Calculator >>.

Wireless Calculator #16 :

WLAN Range Calculator : This calculator is used to calculate maximum path loss and wifi coverage range. It takes frequency, transmit power, receiver sensitivity, transmit and receive antenna gains, fade margin as input parameters.
Visit WiFi Range Calculator >>

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