Analog Devices ADC | Analog devices launched ADC converter

Analog Devices ADC is very popular.Analog Devices has launched ADC recently. Analog Devices ADC has features such as high speed,low cost and low power.

As we know ADC is the short form of Analog to Digital Converter. As the name implies ADC converts analog signal into digital form. This ADC is the main interface between analog world and digital world. For example, analog world is RF part where in signal in electro-magnetic waveform will be transmitted to the air and received from the medium(i.e. air). The digital world is where signal in the digital form is processed such as Digital Signal Processing.

There are hundreds of Analog Devices ADCs. The same has to be choosen based on following factors. Analog Devices provide ADC in the form of evaluation board or reference circuit.

• Throughput Rate(SPS)
• Number of channels
• Circuit Architecture(Sigma-Delta, SAR, Pipelined)
• Power Dissipation
• Analog Input Type(Differential, Single Ended )

About Analog Devices

Analog Devices has been founded in 1965. Since inception Analog Devices has been focusing on various engineering aspects. It is a world leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing of broad range of products. The products are used in analog, mixed signal and DSP circuits. They are used in various electronic products.

The products from Analog Devices cover wide range of applications such as Aerospace, defense, automotive, building technology, communications, consumer products, energy, healthcare, instrumentation and measurement, motor and power control, process control and industrial automation, security and surveillance etc. Almost Analog Devices is in each field of the engineering.

Analog Devices products include Amplifiers, A to D and D to A converters, Audio/video products, clock and timing products, MEMS, optical, RF and Microwave, processors, DSPs, Sensors, switches, multiplexers etc.

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