Zigbee Address Format | Zigbee Addressing Range Table

This page mentions zigbee address format in table form. It mentions zigbee addressing range for channel, PAN ID, endpoint, cluster etc. Refer zigbee protocol stack and Zigbee tutorial in order to understand zigbee stack.

We already know the postal addressing method used to deliver the mail or post to its recipient home. We also know IP addresses used to deliver IP packets to its destination PC based on destination IP address. Addressing is the method used to deliver message from one device/location to the other device/location.

Zigbee addressing takes care of assigning addresses for all of the following.

Zigbee Addressing Range Table-1

Following table mentions zigbee addressing used for channel, PAN ID, network address, end point, cluster, command and attribute.

Name Range and Description
Channel Range: 11 to 26
Physical portion of radio frequency spectrum.
PAN ID Range: 0x0000 to 0x3FFF
Address of network within a channel.
Network Address Range: 0x0000 to 0xFFF7
Address of node within network.
END Point Range: 1 to 240
Address of any applications within node.
Cluster Range: 0x0000 to 0xFFFF
It indicates object within application.
Command Range: 0x00 to 0xFF
Indicates action to be taken within cluster.
Attribute Range: 0x0000 to 0xFFFF
Indicates data item within cluster.

Table-2 mentions some of the more addressing features such as extended PAN IDs, Groups and application profile IDs.

Zigbee addressing table-2

Name Range and Description
Extended PAN ID Range: 0x0000000000000000 to 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
64 bit unique identifier for PAN
Group Range: 0x0000 to 0xFFFF
Collection of nodes in single network
Application Profile IDs Range: 0x0000 to 0xFFFF
It indicates particular app. domain.

Extended PAN ID helps in determination of which PAN ID to be joined. Group indicates which set of nodes in a zigbee network to perform addressing.

Also refer zigbee cluster ID list and zigbee Profile ID list.

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