What is Z2IR | Zigbee to IR Converter

This page describes Z2IR or Zigbee to IR Converter basics. It mentions specifications and vendors of Zigbee to IR Converter i.e. Z2IR device.

Definition: The electronic device which takes zigbee frequency as input and delivers infrared frequency as output is known as Z2IR or zigbee to infrared converter. It converts zigbee packet into infrared packet or infrared (IR) codes as per respective function requirements viz. power ON, Power OFF, dimming etc. It operates in 360 degree coverage range and not limited to LOS (Line of Sight) range as supported in IR remote controls.

Based on the requirements the device need to be selected. The device usually supports following specifications.

Following are the typical specifications of Z2IR:
• Zigbee frequency of operation
• Data rate supported
• Number of output ports i.e. IR ports
• connectivity with IR ports
• Power indication
• zigbee connection status
• IR port connection status
• Power source requirement
• Weight, Dimensions, colors etc.

It is used in wide variety of applications which include TVs, window coverings, streaming media devices, projectors set-top boxes etc.

Vendors or Manufacturers of Zigbee to IR Converter (Z2IR)

Following table mentions vendors/manufacturers of zigbee to IR converter.

zigbee to IR converter Vendors or Manufacturers Description
Control4 Corporation Manufacturer Model ZCA-Z2IR10A-ZP
Card Access, Salt Lake City, Utah 84020 Supplies the Z2IR devices
ORVIBO Ltd. zigbee infrared remote control
Alibaba www.alibaba.com
Global Sources www.globalsources.com

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