LightwaveRF vs z-wave-difference between LightwaveRF and z-wave

This page covers basic comparison between LightwaveRF and z-wave technologies. It covers basic difference between LightwaveRF and z-wave technologies.

Both the technologies are popular in home automation. They have their own unique advantages and hence unique applications. LightwaveRF is used in small home while z-wave is ideal for large home environments.

About LightwaveRF: Due to this LightwaveRF devices directly communicates without any routing. Read more on basics of LightwaveRF system.

About z-wave: It is also targetted for home automation. Z-wave products communicate via routers. Z-wave network comprised of devices(slaves), controllers and rouring slaves. The z-wave technology covers wider range compare to LightwaveRF products. It supports 868.42MHz and 908.42MHz in the Europe and US respectively. Check the table below for more details. Refer z-wave tutorial and what is z-wave page.

Both technologies utilizes applications for home automation based on iphone/Android smartphones.

Following table mentions basic difference between LightwaveRF and z-wave technologies.

Specifications LightwaveRF z-wave
Operating frequency 433.92 MHz 868.42MHz(Europe) and 908.42MHz(US)
Network type Mesh is not supported (communication is direct) Mesh is supported
Max. devices total 64 supported total 232 per controller
Max. controllers 6 per device Unlimited
Coverage range 30meter(outdoors), 15meter(indoors) 50meter(outdoors), 30meter(indoors)
2-way Communication Not supported supported
ACK of transmitted message Not provided Provided
device types Controllers, slaves Controllers, slaves, routing slaves
Insert modules Only Relay Relay and Dimmers
Heating control Not available Available

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