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LTE-M CE Mode A Vs CE Mode B | Difference between LTE-M CE Mode A and CE Mode B

This page compares LTE-M CE Mode A and CE Mode B and describes difference between LTE-M CE Mode A and CE Mode B.

LTE-M follows 3GPP specifications similar to LTE technology. LTE-M stands for Long Term Evolution for Machine-Type Communications. It is mainly developed to fulfill cellular IoT device objectives such as low device cost, deep coverage, longer battery life, higher cell capacity and so on. There are different categories of LTE-M devices viz. Cat-0, Cat-M1 and Cat-M2 as per different 3GPP releases. LTE-M Cat-0, Cat-M1 and Cat-M2 follow 3GPP TS 36 series of rel.12, rel.13 and rel.14 respectively. Let us understand messages exchanged between LTE-M device and base staion (i.e. eNB) during LTE-M RRC Resume Procedure.

LTE-M RRC Resume Procedure

LTE-M RRC Resume Procedure

The figure depicts LTE-M RRC Resume procedure. The messages exchanged between UE and eNB are categorized into following four phases.
1. Synchronization phase (To acquire PSS, SS and PBCH)
2. Setup phase (Connection establishment phase)
3. Data transfer phase
4. Release phase

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