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Difference between Active Geofencing and Passive Geofencing

This page compares Active Geofencing vs Passive Geofencing and mentions difference between Active Geofencing and Passive Geofencing.

What is Geofencing ?

Geofence is the virtual perimeter surrounding the physical location configured using google map. The region for geofence is marked for the purpose of monitoring entry or exit of a person or child or asset. Geofense region is usually circular in shape but other polygon shape can also be used. Based on the entry/exit criteria, action or notification in the form of sms or in other form is generated and sent to registered mobile numbers. This process is known as Geofencing.

Geofence can be predefined set of boundaries in the school zones, neighbourhood boundaries etc. geofencing uses GPS, cellular technologies or WiFi in order to track the devices requiring to be monitored against defined geofences. They also uses bluetooth positioning technologies for monitoring purpose.

Geofencing working

Refer working operation of Geofencing >> and advantages and disadvantages of geofencing >>.

Active Geofencing

• Mobile application should be open on the device of the shopper to use this active geofencing technique.
• This type actively use GPS positioning technology.
• This type drains the battery faster.
• It is inaccurate technique and prone to bugs.
• It delivers less optimum results for both retailers and consumers.
• It can be used for all the applications.

Passive Geofencing

• This type will always be ON and works in the background. It does not require app to be ON for its working.
• It does not use GPS positioning.
• It is designed to be unobstructive.
• It is used to collect customer data.
• It is difficult and even impossible to deliver ads to the shopper using this technique.

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