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LTE-M CE Mode A Vs CE Mode B | Difference between LTE-M CE Mode A and CE Mode B

This page compares LTE-M CE Mode A and CE Mode B and describes difference between LTE-M CE Mode A and CE Mode B.

LTE-M follows 3GPP specifications similar to LTE technology. LTE-M stands for Long Term Evolution for Machine-Type Communications. It is mainly developed to fulfill cellular IoT device objectives such as low device cost, deep coverage, longer battery life, higher cell capacity and so on.


➤This mode provides sufficient CE (Coverage Enhancement) to compensate for all the simplifications which can be implemented by low cost LTE-M devices. It offers additional CE beyond normal LTE coverage.
➤The mode is optimized for moderate CE achieved through small amount of repetition. It supports upto 32 subframe repetitions of the data channel.
➤Release 12 supports 1.4 MHz in DL and UL, Release 13 supports 5 MHz (DL/UL), Release 14 supports 20 MHz (DL) and 5 MHz (UL)


➤This mode B goes one step further in order to provide deep coverage which may be needed in more challenging coverage conditions.
➤This mode is optimized for substantial CE achieved through large amount of repetition. It supports upto 2048 repetitions.
➤As per evaluations it offers coverage target of about 20 dB.
➤The device supporting CE Mode-B also supports CE Mode-A.
➤Release 12 supports 1.4 MHz in DL and UL, Release 13 supports 5 MHz (DL) and 1.4 MHz (UL), Release 14 supports 20 MHz (DL) and 1.4 MHz (UL)

LTE-M devices operate in one of these CE modes. The CE modes offer efficient operation of low cost LTE-M devices such as resource allocation is based on narrowband etc.

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