CMVR vs CMRR-Difference between CMVR and CMRR Operational Amplifier

This page on CMVR vs CMRR describes basic difference between CMVR and CMRR related to Operational Amplifier (OP-AMP).

Operational Amplifier CMVR

The term CMVR stands for Common mode voltage range. It is used for differential input devices such as operational amplifier. It is basically range of common mode signal during which amplifier operates in linear region.

VCM is expressed as follows:
VCM or CMVR = (V1+V2)/2
Voltage at -ve input = V1
Voltage at +ve input = V2

Operational Amplifier CMRR

The term CMRR stands for Common Mode Rejection Ratio. It is the measure of ability of differential amplifier such as OP-amp to reject common signal between +ve and -ve input terminals. It is expressed in dB and equation is as follows.
CMRR = common mode gain/differential mode gain
Refer CMRR and other Op-Amp equations➤.

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