Advantages of Wearable battery | disadvantages of Wearable battery

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Wearable battery. It mentions Wearable battery advantages or benefits and Wearable battery disadvantages or drawbacks. It also describes Wearable battery basics.

What is Wearable battery?

The battery designed to be carried to the field is known as wearable battery. It usually weighs usually about 2.6 lb or 1179 gm. It requires nominal voltage of about 14.8V with full voltage range of 10 to 16.6V DC.

Wearable battery

It is flexible battery pack which is based on Li-ion (lithium-ion) chemistry. It has nominal capacity of about 10 Ah and total energy of 148 Wh. It can have about 500 charging cycles without any memory effect in order to achieve 80% of original charged capacity.

Benefits or advantages of Wearable battery

Following are the benefits or advantages of Wearable battery:
➨It provides large degree of folding in both vertical and horizontal axes.
➨It is completely safe for battlefield.
➨It can be worn under water without fear of discharge or even damage to person wearing it.
➨It delivers more energy compare to car battery.
➨It is less in weight.
➨It is housed in flexible battery pack which has removable command module and large capacity.
➨It can be recharged at very low temperatures (-20oC) also.
➨It has become part of soldier's armor. This eliminates need to carry heavy battery packs.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Wearable battery

Following are the disadvantages of Wearable battery:
➨As it is required to be worn by the soldiers going to the field. It may not be suitable in certain battlefield situations.
➨It is available at higher prices.

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