IoT core basics

This tutorial section on IoT (Internet of Things) covers following sub topics:
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This page describes IoT core basics. It mentions features of Windows 10 IoT core. It provides links on IoT(Internet of Things) resources.

IoT stands for Internet of things i.e. connection of devices using internet infrastructure to send and receive data, utilize cloud storage services and much more at ease of comfort.
As Microsoft windows is used in many devices as operating system to do more than just computing. Microsoft is combining power of IoT and windows to realize the dream of incorporating monitoring and control and communication functionalities in applications and devices at large scale.

Microsoft Windows 10 IoT realizes this dream in following different product flavors:
• Windows 10 IoT Core-256 MB RAM, 2GB Storage, X86 or ARM processor
• Windows 10 IoT for mobile-512MB RAM, 4GB Storage, ARM processor
• Windows 10 IoT for industry devices, 1GB RAM, 16GB storage, X86 processor

Cellular IoT
Refer IoT basic tutorial➤ for more information.

Features of Windows 10 IoT Core

Following are the features of Windows IoT Core:
➨It has feature called "PowerShell" which allows user to run windows commands. It allows user to have remote access.
➨User can utilize Microsoft Visual Studio IDE for development of applications. User can also use programming languages such as C#, PHP, Python etc.
➨User can have access to Microsoft Azure as well as cloud computing platform of Microsoft in this windows embedded IoT core version.
➨The framework do not require any intermediary server and devices can directly communicate.
➨There are various compatible devices on which Windows 10 IoT core can be ported. The most popular among them is Raspberry Pi 2 board.
➨One need any USB device to use winows IoT core running on processor. Typical devices are USB keyboard, USB mouse, USB Hub, Flash Drive etc.


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IoT Wireless Technologies

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RF and Wireless Terminologies