IoT(Internet of Things)Devices and Resources

This page covers IoT(Internet of Things) devices and resources.The IoT devices include components,sensors,antennas and more.The internet of things resources include tutorials,articles,terminologies and more. The section covers IoT wireless technologies such as WLAN, WiMAX, Zigbee, Z-wave, UMTS, LTE, GSM, GPRS, THREAD, EnOcean, LoRa, SIGFOX, WHDI, Ethernet, 6LoWPAN, RF4CE, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Power(BLE), NFC, RFID, INSTEON, X10, KNX, ANT+, Wavenis, Dash7, HomePlug and more.

Articles on IoT based Systems

IoT based Fall Detection System architecture

IoT based Fall detection system for elderly: The article covers architecture of the Fall detection system used for elderly people. It mentions benefits or advantages of IoT Fall detection system. Read More➤
Also refer other articles on IoT based systems as follows:
• AirCraft Lavatory Cleanliness System
• Collision Impact Measuring System
• Perishable Food and Vegetables Tracking System
• Driver Assistance System
• Smart Retail System
• Water Quality monitoring System
• Smart Grid System
• Zigbee based Smart Lighting System
• Zigbee based smart parking system
• LoRaWAN based smart parking system


IoT resources

Following are the IoT resources covering tutorials, articles, sensors, vendors:

• IoT Basic Tutorial - Basics of IoT network, protocol stack etc.
• IoT protocol stack - Functions of 7 layers of IoT stack.
• Internet of Things - Article on IoT: Curse or Boon to the Mankind
• Cellular IoT - IoT device requirements for cellular technologies
• IoT Antennas - Types of Antenna used in IoT
• IoT Companies - Various INDIAN companies working in IoT domain
• Proximity Sensor - Basics of proximity sensor
• Occupancy Sensor - Basics of Occupancy sensor
• Displacement sensor - Basics of position sensor
• force or strain sensor - Basics of force sensor
• temperature sensor - Basics of temperature sensor
• pressure sensor - Basics of pressure sensor
• Humidity sensor - Basics of humidity sensor
• IoT architecture - Hardware and Software Architectures of IoT
• IoT Kits Covers IoT Development Kit Vendors with their IoT solutions
• IoT Gateway Covers IoT Gateway basics with Intel IoT Gateway features
• IoT security aspects Covers security related aspects in IoT
• IoT Interoperability

IoT-Internet of Things Wireless Technologies

Following are the IoT resources on various wireless standards or technologies:

• IoT Wireless - Table mentioning features of IoT wireless technologies
• WLAN - Tutorial on types of WLAN and 11a,11b,11g,11n,11ac,11ad protocols
• WiMAX - Tutorial on Fixed WiMAX and Mobile WiMAX featutes and more
• Zigbee - Tutorial on Zigbee network,frame,PHY,MAC,protocol stack
• z-wave - Tutorial on z-wave network,frame,PHY,MAC,protocol stack,security
• LTE - Architecture,bands,channels,PHY,protocol stack,throughput,LTE advanced
• UMTS - Architecture,bands,channels,protocol stack and more
• GSM - Architecture,bands,channels,frames,bursts,call setup,GSM advanced
• GPRS - Architecture,Frame structure,channels,classes
• GPS -System basics,applications,differenece between GPS,AGPS,GLONASS
• THREAD -Basics of THREAD technology
• EnOcean - Basics of EnOcean technology
• LoRa - Basics of LoRa technology
• SIGFOX - Basics of SIGFOX technology
• WHDI - Basics of WHDI technology
• 6LoWPAN - Basics of 6LoWPAN technology
• Zigbee RF4CE - Basics of RF4CE technology
• Bluetooth - Tutorial on Bluetooth features,PHY,MAC,protocol stack,applications
• BLE - Basics of Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE)
• NFC - Basics of NFC and various NFC types
• RFID - Tutorial on RFID network,frequency,Tag,reader,applications
• INSTEON - Basics of INSTEON technology used in IoT
• X10 - Basics of X10 technology
• KNX - Basics of KNX technology for home automation
• Wavenis - Basics of Wavenis technology
• ANT+ - Basics of ANT+ technology
• HomePlug - Basics of HomePlug and various versions
• Dash7 - Basics of Dash7 technology
• Lonworks - Basics of Lonworks technology
• CEBus - Basics of CEBus technology
• UPB - Basics of Universal Powerline Bus technology
• Ethernet - standards, frame types, protocols and more

IoT Devices and IoT Components

Following are the Internet of Things resources on IoT devices or components:
• IoT Components - List of IoT components for various applications
• IoT Sensors - List of IoT sensors for various applications
• IoT devices - Lists different classes of IoT devices