RF Wireless World Application Note Section

This RF Wireless World site application notes section covers RF and wireless application notes which include DSP, FPGA, test and mesurement, WiMAX, LTE, WLAN, Zigbee and more.

5G Devices, modules and test and measurement equipments

• 5G RF Front End Module    • 5G Transceiver   • 5G Analyzer   • 5G MIMO Simulator   • 5G Network Emulator  

Application note on AWGN SNR generator covering how to use AWGN Carrier to Noise Generator for BER testing.

Application note on Comb generator used for EMI and EMC site testing or RFI testing.

Application note on how to use microwave frequency counter.

Application note covering how to use satellite link emulator from dBm corporation to model the satellite channel for satellite ground station equipments testing.

Application note covering RF thermopad basics used as temperature variable attenuator. It also mentions RF thermopad application used in RF frequency converter design.

Application note on using OMT (Orthomode Transducer) for VSAT to satellite link.

This page of RF Wireless World covers RF Limiter basics and Limiter application note as well as RF power Limiter manufacturers.

This varactor diode application note covers basic description on varactor diode as frequency multiplier and tuner.The circuit diagram is mentioned.

This zener diode application note covers basic description on zener diode voltage regulator.The circuit diagram is mentioned.

This PIN diode application note covers basic description on PIN diode rf switch and PIN diode attenuator.The circuit diagram is mentioned.
Refer PIN diode as RF Switch➤ and PIN diode as AM modulator➤

This Gunn diode application note covers basic description on Gunn diode Oscillator including circuit diagram, structure and transfer characteristic.

This Transistor application note covers basic description on Transistor as Switch.

This MOSFET application note covers basic description on MOSFET Switch and MOSFET Amplifier.

This page of application notes section covers PN junction diode applications.

This page covers Field Effect Transistor (FET) applications.

This page covers circuit breaker basics.It mentions circuit breaker application note and circuit breaker manufacturers or Vendors.

clamp meter

This page covers Clamp meter basics.It mentions Clamp meter application note and Clamp meter manufacturers or Vendors.

This page covers TVS diode basics.It mentions TVS diode application note and TVS diode manufacturers or Vendors.

This page covers PLC Modem SoC basics.It mentions PLC Modem SoC application note and PLC Modem SoC manufacturers or Vendors.

This page covers Motor drive analyzer basics.It mentions Motor drive analyzer application note and Motor drive analyzer manufacturers or Vendors.

This page covers ESD suppressor basics.It mentions ESD suppressor application note and ESD suppressor manufacturers or Vendors.

This page covers clock generator basics.It mentions Programmable clock signal generator application note and clock signal generator manufacturers or Vendors.

This page describes 555 timer basics, 555 timer pin diagram and mentions 555 timer application notes. The applications include 555 timer in astable configuration and in monostable configuration.

This page covers network simulation software.It mentions satellite simulator basics,satellite delay simulator and its application notes.

Radio and Satellite Application Notes

• Satellite Finder    • Two Way Radio   • Cell Phone Signal Booster   • DECT Phone   • Walkie-Talkie    • Tunnel diode as amplifier and oscillator   • Radar Duplexer   • Underwater sensor   • WSN Transceiver   • Waveguide Diplexer   • HetNet Gateway   • Solar Power Meter   • LoRa Transceiver   • TI CC1120 and CC1121 Transceiver  

Miscellaneous application notes

• Smartphone Biosensor
• Apple Watch Series-3
• Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software
• Echo SmartPen

Millimeter wave application notes

• 60 GHz Transceiver
• Millimeter Wave Sensor


RF devices Application Note section

Three Methods of Noise Figure Measurement Gain method, Y-factor method, and the Noise Figure Meter method are explained in this application note. Set up diagram and mathematic equations are also available.

Design with PIN Diodes Describes about feature of PIN diode. Describes PIN diode as Low frequency model,Large signal model,RF electrical model,Forward-Reverse bias model, Switching model. Also describes it's use as attenuator and phase shifter.

Programming Guide, Integer N PLL Synthesizer 100 - 2800 MHz Describes PLL synthesizer's typical block schematic in integer(non fractional) case. Explains equations and timing diagram to program the device.

RF SMALL SIGNAL DESIGN USING TWO-PORT PARAMETERS Describes Design Guidelines,Stability,power gain, amplifier without feedback,Linvill Method,design with S parameters.

General Layout Guidelines for RF and Mixed-Signal PCBs Describes different transmission lines microstrip,stripline,coplanar waveguide and multiplayer PCB design rules to follow. Mentions padding and grounding rules.

Performance of Maxim's Cable Upstream Amplifier Meets DOCSIS 2.0 Requirements This application note presents the measured performance of the MAX3514/MAX3516 cable upstream amplifier. The measured data include 2nd Harmonics, 3rd Harmonics, output power vs. frequency, and ACPR. Tests are conducted using DOCSIS 2.0 as the standard, and the amplifiers are found to meet all requirements.

RF Components for WLAN Applications TDK offers a series of RF components for a variety of wireless applications.From filters and antennas to test services and anechoic chambers,TDK has a solution for you. It covers wimax,wlan,bluetooth,GPS,UWB,2G,3G systems.

Other RF device application notes:
• RF Multipath channel simulator
• RF Signal Strength Meter
• RF Switch
• RF Circulator
• RF Isolator
• RF propagation Software
• YIG Oscillator

GPS Application Notes

• GPS Antenna
• GPS Receiver Module
• GPS Satellite
• GPS Tracking System

Embedded Application notes-DSP FPGA

Beaglebone black board based IP webcam server which helps one have surveillance over their premises from remote end using PHP based client website,

beam-forming smart antennas using FPGA Describes smart antenna design, implementaion of adaptive beam, explains adaptive and QRD-RLS algorithm,FPGA advantages for design.

Designing Efficient Wireless Digital Up and Down Converters Leveraging CORE Generator and System Generator This application note demonstrates how efficient implementations of Digital Up Converters (DUC) and Digital Down Converters (DDC) can be done by leveraging the Xilinx DSP IP portfolio.The two examples mentioned one for UMTS and other for CDMA2000 in both Spartan™ -DSP and Virtex-5 FPGAs.

The ABCs of ADCs: Understanding How ADC Errors Affect System Performance Describes about system requirements,DC performance-differential nolinearity,INL,offset and gain errors,AC performance.

DSP-FPGA System Partitioning for MIMO-OFDMA Wireless Base stations Decribes System Architecture Design and Logic Task Partitioning based on bit level and symbol level processing and other factors.

ASIC Design Guidelines The guidelines are independent of any particular CAD tool or silicon process. They are applicable to Gate Arrays, Cell-Based ASICs or CBICs and full custom designs. Although they do not give specific coding recommendations, they apply equally to designs captured in Verilog or VHDL as to designs captured as schematics.

Test and Measurement application notes

Vector Signal Analysis Basics Describes VSA Block diagram, VSA measurement concepts and theory of operation, FFT concepts and various parameters displayed for PHY analysis

Testing and Troubleshooting Digital RF Communications Receiver Designs Describes various receiver measurements and trouble shooting receiver designs.

802.11 a/b/g WLAN Receiver and PER Testing With SeaSolve 's WiLANTA LVSG11bg This application note will show how The combination of SeaSolve's WiLANTA LVSG11abg, WLAN Vector Signal Generation software, and National Instrument's PXI-5670/71, RF Signal Generator hardware, provides a flexible platform for testing the receiver characteristics of a WLAN DUT at both the PHY and MAC layers.


WiMAX Concepts and RF Measurements-IEEE 802.16-2004 WiMAX PHY layer operation and measurements Describes IEEE 802.16-2004 WiMAX PHY layer, frame, mod-code rate table,transmitter and receiver tests

A 2.4 GHz WiMAX Direct Conversion Transmitter Describes schematic and design guidelines. Mention results obtained by Analog device in lab.


WiFi Repeater

IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN PHY Layer (RF) Operation and Measurement Good for engineers who are new to WLAN and would like to explore 802.11 block diagram,frames and system concepts. Gives complete overview of transmitter and receiver tests and prepare individual to start testing WLAN compliant device.

WLAN Reference Design with the MAX2830 Describes MAXIM board, block diagram , lab results obtained.


ZigBee - Automated Compliance Test Solution Descibers transmitter and receiver tests,test setup,hardware used and results.


The Long Term Evolution (LTE) and 3GPP System Architecture Evolution (SAE) Test Solution Describes various interfaces of LTE system and Nexus solution for the same.

Overview of the 3GPP Long Term Evolution Physical Layer Describes LTE system concepts, OFDMA, MIMO , Transmitter and receiver block diagrams of PHY,various signals and channels used.

Long Term Evolution Protocol Overview Describes LTE architecture and various protocol layers with their functions.


The challenges of testing MIMO Describes how MIMO system works,test set up and typical measurements involved in testing MIMO device.

MAX2470/MAX2471 Couple MIMO Transceiver Reference Clocks The MAX2470/MAX2471 are flexible, low-cost, high reverse-isolation buffer amplifiers for applications with discrete and module-based VCO designs. This application note shows the basic operation and techniques for coupling reference clocks in a MIMO transceiver.

WLAN 802.11n: From SISO to MIMO Describes Rohde and Schwarz tools for VSG,VSA,compliance tests, 11n physical layer,11n tests,principle of MIMO testing, generating and analyzing MIMO signal.

Useful product vendors or manufacturers

IoT Wireless Technologies

WLAN    ➤THREAD    ➤EnOcean    ➤LoRa    ➤SIGFOX    ➤WHDI    ➤Zigbee   ➤6LoWPAN   ➤Zigbee RF4CE   ➤Z-Wave   ➤NFC   ➤RFID   ➤Lonworks   ➤CEBus   ➤UPB