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Courses in RF and Wireless training

Training Courses in RF and Wireless domain covering mainly wimax, lte, wlan, RF are available from leading training institutes across the world are summarized below.


Innowitech Solutions

Learn embedded and wireless courses including academic project from Innowitech. For more details write or call at following.
Contact Email- enquiry@innowitech.com
Address:Bangalore, INDIA.

Abhisam Software

Learn all about Radio Frequency Identification Technology in this easy e-learning course.RFID course covers basic Concepts of RFID,RFID physics,Practical RFID systems,Middleware & Standards,RFID applications, Security & Privacy.
WEBSITE-www.abhisam.com USA-Worldwide


Technology training from APIS include UMTS,IMS,LTE/EPC,HSPA,GSM/GPRS,TCP-IP,Mobile Broadband and more.
WEBSITE-www.apis.se Europe

AWARD Solutions

Training solutions include EVDO,LTE,UMTS(WCDMA)/HSPA/HSPA+, WiMAX,Wireless fundamentals.
WEBSITE-www.awardsolutions.com USA/INDIA

Bessercourse-World leader in RF and wireless Training

There are many courses available. Major ones include Digital RF communication, DSP,LTE,Mobile WiMAX,Applied RF Techniques, WCDMA Physical layer and RF architecture,UMTS,WLAN,RF Power Amplifier techniques.
WEBSITE-www.bessercourse.com USA


Wi-Fi Courses include Enterprise Wi-Fi Fundamentals course,The Enterprise Wireless LAN(Wi-Fi) Administration,Enterprise Wi-Fi Security course,Enterprise Wi-Fi Analysis & Troubleshooting.
WEBSITE-www.cwnp.com USA/Worldwide


Training courses include CCNA Training,CCNP Training,MCSE Training,VMware Training,PMP Training.
WEBSITE- www.careeracademy.com USA/Worldwide


Training courses include 3G and 4G Training,LTE,CDMA,IS-95 to IS-2000A,CDMA2000, 1xEVDO, WCDMA,UMTS,WiMAX.
WEBSITE- www.cdma-solutions.com USA


Seminars and Training-2012/H1 include GPRS,HSPA,IEEE 802.11n,IMS,UMTS,IPV6,LTE,SAE,WiMAX,WiFi.
WEBSITE- www.cetecom.com Europe-Asia-USA


Training courses include UMTS,HSPA,GPRS,EDGE,core network course,TCP-IP,GSM,LTE.
WEBSITE-www.commsquare.com Eelgium


E-learning courses include 4G, OFDM, MIMO, LTE, WiMAX, NGN, IPTV, MPLS,5G(Cognitive Radio, DSA),iDEN,TETRA,RF for Public Safety, IPv6,Broadband Regulation, WiFi,WCDMA,GSM,GPRS. WEBSITE- www.eogogics.com USA


Training courses include LTE,IMS,GPRS/UMTS,WIFI.
WEBSITE- www.inacon.de Germany

IS Wireless,POLAND

Training courses in wimax,LTE and LTE Advanced technologies. https://is-wireless.com


LEVER Technology provide authoritative training in LTE/4G,WiMAX,UMTS/3G,GSM,GPRS,EDGE,TETRA,802.11,Wi-Fi (WLAN),CWNP,ZigBee,Bluetooth,RF and Wireless,Satellite Communications, Telecommunications,Convergence,Billing,Network Security,Cisco,IPv6,IPv4,BGP,MPLS,Mobile IP,Voice over IP(SIP,IMS,H.323, Megaco), Network Security, Encryption, VPN, PKI, Security Auditing,Linux,BSD and UNIX systems from most vendors.
WEBSITE- www.lever.co.uk UK

convergence labs

Training in Advanced Wireless Communications,Telecom Protocol Development,TEMS Drive Test,Networking & CCNA,Networking & CWNA
www.convergence-labs.com INDIA


MPIRICAL covers courses which provides GSM & GPRS Training,UMTS & HSPA+,Femto & UMA Training,LTE & SAE,WiFi, WiMAX,IP,IMS, Radio planning and optimization in LTE system and more. WEBSITE- www.mpirical.com UK


Offers eLearning courses in telecom basics,2G cellular series,2.5G cellular series,3G cellular series,4G cellular series, fixed wireless series(WLAN,WiMAX),signalling series,protocols,satellite and more.
WEBSITE- www.ossidian.com Worldwide

QUALCOMM-World Wireless Academy

World Wireless Academy (WWA) specializes in technical training solutions for 4G and 3G wireless technologies and networks. Courses include LTE, UMTS/HSPA, or CDMA2000/EV-DO, covers both private training and e-learning.
WEBSITE- www.qualcomm.com USA/Worldwide

SHAPE Innovations

Training in MIMO,3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) Overview, Mobile Wireless Architecture Basics and Cognitive Radio Essentials available.
WEBSITE- https://shape-innovations.com CANADA

Wireless Network and RF Training

Telecommunication courses include Telecommunications Introduction,Essential call center technologies,Signalling systems for engineers,SDH foundations,Essential DWDM,Mobile communications demystified.Related course - VoIP,Essential SS7,Essential QSIG,Total GSM,Essential IMS,Definitive SIP in IMS for engineers,Total GPRS,Essential UMTS,Essential HSPA and HSPA+
WEBSITE- www.snt.co.uk UK


There are many courses available. Main courses are LTE,BSS/OSS,RF,wimax,wlan.
WEBSITE- www.tonex.com USA

RF and Wireless tutorials

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