Wireless Training | Wireless Training Course

This academic section on training and course covers Wireless training or Wireless Telecom Training course.

This will include basic wireless system training with exphasis on any of the indoor or outdoor wireless technologies. Indoor wireless technologies cover WLAN and WPAN(such as Zigbee, Bluetooth) based standards. Outdoor wireless technologies cover GSM, CDMA, WiMAX, LTE etc. based standards.

At the end of the RF course, readers will learn following:
• Wireless System Basics
• Multiple Access Schemes e.g. TDMA, FDMA, CDMA etc.
• Antenna function and types of antenna
• Wireless Channel Models
• Wireless Physical Layer
• Wireless Indoor and Outdoor technologies and Standards

Wireless Training Course from RF Wireless World

Refer links provided below which will take you through each of the topics of wireless Training.

Wireless Training Topics RF Wireless World Link
Wireless Block Diagram including transmitter and receiver Wireless System➤
Multiple Access techniques such as TDMA, FDMA, CDMA etc. FDMA, TDMA and CDMA➤
• Antenna Terminologies
• Types of Antenna
Antenna Tutorial➤
Types of Antenna with functions➤
Wireless Channel Models (Rayleigh, Rician) Channel Model➤
Rayleigh Channel➤
Rician Channel➤
Wireless Physical Layer Block Diagram and functions Wireless Physical Layer➤
WLAN Fundamentals Wireless LAN System➤
Bluetooth Network Bluetooth System basics➤
Zigbee Network basics Zigbee Network and more➤
GSM Network GSM Network Architecture and more➤
WiMAX System basics WiMAX System Basics➤
CDMA System basics CDMA Tutorial➤
LTE System Basics LTE Tutorial➤

This wireless Training page is very useful for begineers as well as experienced wireless engineers and professionals. It covers basic as well as advanced training material specific to particular wireless technology of interest.

RF and Wireless Terminologies

IoT Wireless Technologies

WLAN    ➤THREAD    ➤EnOcean    ➤LoRa    ➤SIGFOX    ➤WHDI    ➤Zigbee   ➤6LoWPAN   ➤Zigbee RF4CE   ➤Z-Wave   ➤NFC   ➤RFID   ➤Lonworks   ➤CEBus   ➤UPB