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This academic section on training and course covers Networking training or Networking Training course.

At the end of the Networking course, readers will learn following:
• Networking Basics, Intranet vs Internet
• Network Types-LAN,MAN,WAN
• Concept of IP Address and Ethernet Address
• Networking components
• OSI Layers and functions
• Networking Protocols
• Gigabit Ethernet

Networking Training Course from RF Wireless World

Refer links provided below which will take you through each of the topics of Networking Training.

Networking Training Topics RF Wireless World Link
• Networking basics
• Difference between Intranet vs Internet
What is Networking➤

Internet vs Intranet
• Network types :
• LAN (Broadband vs Baseband), MAN, WAN and their differences

Baseband vs Broadband LAN types
• What is IP Address (IPv4 and IPv6)
• What is Ethernet Address
What is an IP address➤

What is MAC Address➤

IPv4 and IPv6
• Networking Components:
• Hub
• Switch
• Bridge
• Router
• Gateway
• Firewall
What is Hub➤

What is Switch➤

What is Bridge➤

What is Router➤

What is Gateway➤

Firewall basics➤

Basics of OSI 7 layers and their functions and comparison with TCP-IP layers used in internet Basics of OSI and TCPIP layers➤

• Networking protocols:
• TCP Header Format
• TCP vs UDP
• ARP and RARP Protocol and fields
• Ping Protocol and their fields
• SLIP vs PPP protocols
• RIP vs OSPF routing protocols
• Application protocols: FTP, SMTP, HTTP
• Mail Box protocols:IMAP4, POP3
TCP-IP Packet format➤

Difference between TCP UDP➤

ARP vs RARP protocol fields and functions➤

Ping Protocol function➤


RIP vs OSPF routing protocols➤

IMAP4 and POP3➤

FTP and HTTP protocols➤

FTP and SMTP protocols
• What is Gigabit Ethernet and their types (10, 40, 100 Gigabit ethernets) What is Gigabit Ethernet➤

Ethernet Types➤

10, 40, 100 Gigabit Ethernet PHY

This Networking Training page is very useful for begineers as well as experienced engineers working or persuing their career as networking technician in hardware and software maintenance jobs. It is also useful for someone who would like to gain through knowledge in networking protocols.

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