MATLAB Training | DSP Training | MATLAB DSP Course

This academic section on training and course covers MATLAB DSP training for professional seeking knowledge on DSP including MATLAB programming.

At the end of the MATLAB DSP course, readers will learn following:
• MATLAB Introduction
• MATLAB Work environment
• Matrices and vectors
• Saving and loading data
• Flow Control and Branching
• Input and Output in MATLAB
• Structure and cell in MATLAB
• Communication and Signal processing

MATLAB DSP Training Course from RF Wireless World

Refer links provided below which will take you through each of the topics of MATLAB DSP Training.

MATLAB DSP Training Topics RF Wireless World Link
1. MATLAB Introduction
• Benefits of MATLAB
• Applications of MATLAB
MATLAB Programming Tutorial➤
2. MATLAB Work environment
• MATLAB tool basics
• Creating and working with arrays, vectors, matrices
• Creating simple 2D plots
• Creating, saving and executing a script file Creating and executing a function file
Same as above
3. Matrices and vectors
• Creating matrices and vectors
• Indexing matrices
• Initializing and reshaping
• Manipulating matrices
• Arithmetic Operators
• Relational Operators
• Logical Operators
• Built-in-functions
Same as above
Saving and loading data Same as above
5. Flow Control and Branching
• While loop
• If-elseif-else statement
• for loop
Same as above
6. Input and Output in MATLAB Same as above
7. Structure and cell in MATLAB
• Creating and Manipulating structures
• Creating and Manipulating cells
Same as above
• QPSK Modulation
• Correlation
• Convolution
• Interpolation
• Decimation
• FIR filter
• Convolution Encoder
• 16 point DFT
Modulation codes➤





FIR Filter➤

Convolution Encoder➤


16 Point FFT➤
MATLAB PROJECT: OFDM Transmit and Receive chain OFDM Tx Rx Chain➤

This MATLAB DSP Training page is very useful for begineers as well as experienced engineers working or persuing their career in DSP (Digital Signal Processing) domain.

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