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Error Vector Magnitude(EVM) Calculator

This page of converters and calculators section covers Error Vector Magnitude or EVM conversion calculator. The calculator converts EVM(dB) to EVM(rms) and vice versa.

Relative Dielectric Constant (input1) :

Frequencyof operation in GHz (input2) :

Effective dielectric constant (Output1):

Guide wavelength in meters (Output2):

*Note: Enter values in INPUT boxes and Press CALCULATE button to check OUTPUTS.

INPUTS : Relative Dielectric Constant = 4.6 , Frequency(GHz) = 10
OUTPUTS: Effective dielectric constant = 2.8 , Guide wavelength= 0.02 m

Following equation or formula is used for Error Vector Magnitude(EVM) calculator.

EVM,Error Vector Magnitude calculator

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